If you could actually look through cyberglasses and see who's peering in your window, who's in your daughter's room, who's reading your daughter's blog, who's cyberstalking your son, it is reality.

And the fact is that we have become very ignorant to those types of thing because we can't see it.

−Teri Schroeder,, 2006

These words were the inspiration for WatchMyKidsPC; an attempt to realize Teri's proposed cyberglasses.

The V at Stanford

Parents must know not only who their children are talking to online,
they must also know what their children are saying.
−Bill Gates, 2006

These words provided motivation. WatchMyKidsPC was conceived in a tiny V-shaped house on Stanford University campus, much like the one pictured here. It would later turn out that optimal allocation of nannys to a very large number of children can be posed as a convex optimization problem. This discovery would make the venture economically feasible.


Isabelle Christensen

Executive Officer in Chief.

Ph.D. in Marketing & Consumer Psychology,
University of London & Université de Toulouse.
An entrepreneur in the UK who founded an enduring online cosmetic company PureWhite.  A mother, an executive with over ten years driving marketing initiatives and nationwide branding in Western Europe, Asia, and Northern California, for Hewlett Packard, SAP, BCD Holdings,,
Isabelle Christensen

Johan Stokking

Principal Software Architect.
President of eMando Software

Jon Dattorro


Ph.D., Stanford University, Electrical Engineering.
Author, Convex Optimization & Euclidean Distance Geometry
Jon Dattorro