Package 1

Round the Clock
                              for a real human nanny

Package 2

Custom Schedule

Package 3

One on One
          please call

Round the Clock

Our recommended service.
How do we do it so inexpensively?
Convex Optimization. Many female nannys view your child's computer and examine records over a
24-hour period. Three shifts of nannys insure that no more than 8 hours pass before we become aware of a threat to your child. When necessary, a nanny can view your child's activities in real time
(as they unfold).

This WatchMyKidsPC service can also be installed on computers in libraries and schools; wherever children can benefit from our protection.

Custom Schedule

Identical with Round the Clock − Package 1, except your child's computer is watched by a real human female nanny only during times you specify. This service can be more economical, but may place your child at increased risk if the child uses the computer outside of the times you specified.

Choose this package if you are certain that your child will use the computer only during the times you specify.

One on One

One-on-One service − Package 3
is like an Internet body guard for your child − A 24-hour real-time watch of your kid's activities on the computer by a real human female nanny. This time-intensive service is recommended only in case a child poses a severe risk to their own welfare.

Parents can meet with nannys and then choose among them, if desired. Parents should contact us for further information or an estimate of cost.