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Are all nannys at WatchMyKidsPC female?

Yes, all nannys are female because child predators online are nearly all male. We cannot risk a latent predator, because the biggest threat to children are new online predators; i.e., Internet predators having no criminal past. Overwhelming statistics say Online Predators are predominantly male with surprisingly few exceptions. Female sexual predators always seem to know their prey beforehand. Females are almost never found trolling chatrooms where children are preyed upon by men. Those male predators generally do not have
a criminal record because this phenomenon of online predation is relatively recent. So by latent we mean new and unknown predators. We cannot risk hiring a latent predator; no wolves are allowed to guard sheep.

Can nannys control my computer?

No. WatchMyKidsPC software is designed only for watching. A nanny cannot control your computer in any way.

My kid has a laptop? Can you watch kids on the go?

Yes, we can watch your kid's mobile computer wherever they connect to the Internet. That means: anywhere in the world your kid can find an Internet connection, we can watch their computer.

Suppose we move? Do we have to reinstall the software?

No. Once WatchMyKidsPC software is installed, it will automatically follow you anywhere there is an Internet connection;
i.e., anywhere in the world.

Does my kid know WatchMyKidsPC is watching?

Yes. A balloon briefly appears at computer startup saying "This computer is protected by WatchMyKidsPC".  Kids behave better, in fact, when they know someone is watching; the little Nanny icon in the Windows system tray (notification area) reminds them. Right-clicking that Nanny brings up a menu item called  "What's This?"  which tells more about WatchMyKidsPC and points to our website.  A menu item under  Options activates periodic balloons reminding everyone that WatchMyKidsPC is installed. These balloons can be deactivated via password, and the time period between reminders can also be selected.

What do nannys see?

Nannys see pretty much everything that appears on the computer screen of a kid's computer. WatchMyKidsPC software purview comprises screen images. This means, for example, nannys can see every Instant Message and chatroom conversation (regardless of encryption method). Nannys' view can be temporarily blocked by a parent.

Can you watch my kid on MySpace?

Yes, of course. We can keep your child from getting into trouble there, or anyplace else on the Internet where they choose to hang out.

How do you prevent identity theft?

Founder Dattorro assumes ultimate responsibility for our nannys. WatchMyKidsPC executives hold doctorates from accredited institutions; e.g., Universities of Stanford, London, and Toulouse. It is our intention to earn the same kind of trust developed with your family physician after years of service. Notwithstanding, a parent can turn off WatchMyKidsPC for a timeout period they select via password while using the computer in private. If you wish reminders that nannys are watching, periodic reminders can be activated in the  Options menu and a desired interval between reminders can also be set. For your security, our nannys are themselves watched by supernannys in an environment that encourages collaboration and facilitates supervision. Further, nannys can never control your computer; i.e., neither your mouse or keyboard is ever functional to a nanny.

How do I turn off WatchMyKidsPC?

Right-click the Nanny icon in the Windows system tray. Select  Disable and then choose a period of timeout. (Nannys cannot see the computer over the timeout period, but the Nanny icon remains; password is required.) Another way to deactivate WatchMyKidsPC is via the menu item called Exit

If the Exit menu item is selected, then

  • WatchMyKidsPC software is disabled until system restart,

  • the program called  wmkpc.exe is stopped,

  • and the Nanny icon disappears from the system tray.

  • Password is required.

    If the Nanny icon is not present in the system tray (but WatchMyKidsPC has not been uninstalled), that means WatchMyKidsPC software has been deactivated (nannys cannot see the computer until system restart).

    What about my child's personal information?

    It's too late to worry about that. Most parents are shocked to discover what their "good kids" do secretly online. (WatchMyKidsPC is not a "tattletale", by the way.) Kids give away more personal information to strangers than could ever be uncovered by a professional private investigator. (Visit the Press page for more about this.) Your child is safer with WatchMyKidsPC on their computer than without, statistically speaking, because if your child uses the Internet then you face a 1 in 4 chance they will leave the house to meet a stranger. In other words, the benefit outweighs the risk. Although the actual rate of molestation is much lower than 1 in 4, the question you need to ask is: "Do I want to take the chance that my son or daughter will walk out of our home to meet a stranger without my knowledge?"

    Do nannys work at home?

    No. Nannys work in a central office in the United States overseen by supernannys. Nannys work together in an open area (no cubicles). This open atmosphere encourages both collaboration and supervision. Because WatchMyKidsPC watches kids throughout the US, our nannys can be located far from where you live.

    When nannys go home, can they still watch my kids?

    No. The software that we designed, allowing nannys to watch your kids from our offices, is tied to WatchMyKidsPC IP addresses.
    That means, the software will not work outside WatchMyKidsPC offices.

    Can I meet the nannys?

    Yes. Please call for an appointment.

    Are WatchMyKidsPC nannys certified?

    A background check of all nannys is performed by WatchMyKidsPC. An on-staff psychologist periodically examines each and every nanny. Nannys work in a centralized open area and are directly overseen by supernannys. Founder Dattorro assumes ultimate responsibility for all nannys. In the words of US president Harry Truman, "The buck stops here!"

    What is that little Nanny icon doing in the system tray?

    WatchMyKidsPC is not spyware. So, the Nanny icon in the Windows system tray lets everyone who uses your computer see that it is protected by WatchMyKidsPC. A right-click on that Nanny icon is a quick way to learn more about WatchMyKidsPC, or to temporarily disable WatchMyKidsPC (so a parent can use the computer in private). A password is required.

    What is  wmkpc.exe  running on my computer?

    It is the client software from WatchMyKidsPC installed on a kid's machine by a guardian to protect their child from online predators.

    Can WatchMyKidsPC run on a Mac?

    No. At the present time, only the Microsoft Windows operating system is supported.

    Can you watch two screens on one of my kid's computers?

    Not yet. We're working on it.


    We release no information regarding you or your child to any third party. We do not release any records pertaining to you or your child without court order or your permission. If records are subpoenaed from us, we notify you prior to any action taken by us. In this manner, you (the real party in interest) may therefore petition the court to nullify the subpoena.