Jin & Jang live in Florida protected by WatchMyKidsPC in California.
Jin & Jang

These twin girls love to play on their computers at home and at their uncles' houses. Their parents heard about dangers lurking on the Internet, and asked WatchMyKidsPC to protect their kids' laptops. Now we protect all those computers to make sure these kids stay safe online.

We're working on installing WatchMyKidsPC at schools to make sure kids don't grow up too fast. A WatchMyKidsPC sticker on a computer is enough to discourage most kids from getting into trouble.




An elementary school teacher having three children of her own, Odette first came to us as a client. Later she became a volunteer nanny when WatchMyKidsPC was just starting out. When not teaching or nannying, she spends most of her time driving her kids to and from school, ballet lessons, and karate practice. Odette has been an invaluable source of advice, and a great motivator.


Naomi is originally from the East Coast. She spent much of her childhood cultivating flowers. She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with emphasis in sculpture and pottery. Naomi is WatchMyKidsPC's newest hire. She helped design and layout our website. Naomi's biggest ambition is to be a mom. She says: "This is a very important job we are doing watching kids. I can't think of a better way."


Hailing from Massachusetts, Anniek helped develop the Graphical User Interface for our nannys, used while protecting children from online predators. Anniek was previously a manager in the customer support group for Analog Devices. Her current ambition is to be a supernanny at WatchMyKidsPC managing the nanny cadre. She loves the outdoors, is active in water sports, and is an accomplished volleyball player.


Born in Los Angeles, Ranjelin has grown up with the Internet.  She's been with us since inception.  Ranjelin is quite fluent in chat lingo having spent much of her own time chatting with friends online.  Ranjelin divides her time between WatchMyKidsPC and going to college now.  Her ambition is to have her own daycare center for children someday.