It's time to get your kid a real nanny for the Internet.

It's a parent's responsibility to watch their child...
−Bill Gates           Microsoft Corporation
−Teri Schroeder
−Parry Aftab
−Michelle Collins  National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
−anonymous        America On Line (AOL)


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We do all the work. With everything that a parent already needs to worry about in the care of their child, this is one burden WatchMyKidsPC can alleviate. If you don't have enough time to review your child's computer activity on a daily basis, or if you would have trouble interpreting reports of your child's activities, then this is where we can help. Our female nannys are trained in contemporary chat lingo, and we also have a database of known predators that we compare against your child's contacts.


There are many products on the market today enabling you to spy on your child. Essentially, you install software on your child's computer that can covertly report their activities to you. These reports can be retrieved directly from your child's computer, or you can program that computer to email reports to you periodically. WatchMyKidsPC is not spyware because the child is aware of our presence on their computer.

Safe Browser

Another approach to protecting your child is to automatically block their access to unsavory websites. The most prominent reprentative of this technique is AOL. A clever child knows how to use what is called a proxy server to defeat this precaution. WatchMyKidsPC does not make any attempt to constrain the child; by design, it is absolutely impossible for our nannys to exercise control over your child's computer.


The most prevalent school of thought advocates education of your child to dangers of the Internet. While we, at WatchMyKidsPC, believe this a necessary step in protecting your child, we do not believe it is sufficient.